The Great Website Update 2010.

Be sure to check out my updated websites! I update my websites once a year and they are now OFFICIALLY updated for 2010.

And to drive lots of traffic to my websites I'm offering a little contest.

But before I tell you about the contest, let me tell you about the prize

Here it is:

An 8x10 matted and signed FINE ART VELVET PRINT of one of my fave photos of all time. "THE TREE".

Have you ever seen a VELVET print? OH my goodness, they are SO lovely!

Okay, so here is the contest. Answer these 10 questions about my websites and email your answers back to me at

The first person to email me and have ALL the correct answers is the winner. And remember...these questions are about BOTH OF MY WEBSITES. Wedding and Portrait.

So here are the questions (don't expect these to be easy!):

1- What year did Megan and Tanner get married?

2- What is my favorite song?

3- How much does a newborn session cost if I come to your home?

4- Name all four songs that are playing on my wedding website.

5- How much do I charge for 4x6 wedding announcement photos if you purchase 400?

6- What color of lipstick do I love?

7- What is the name of the FIRST baby shown in my babies gallery? (you have to be a blogstalker to know this one)

8- How old is Violet?

9- After a baby, family, or individual portrait session how long are your images available online for ordering?

10- How much does Collection Two cost?

Once again, email all your answers back to me at The first one to answer ALL the questions correctly is the winner!!