And the winner is......

Brianne England!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in the contest! And THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking the time to look at my website:) I appreciate it so much.

And while we're on the subject of contests....there will be another one next week. Does anyone like free jewelry?? If so, check back next Friday:):)

Love, Me

p.s. Here are the answers to the questions. How did you do?

1- What year did Megan and Tanner get married? 2009

2- What is my favorite song? Claire de Lune

3- How much does a newborn session cost if I come to your home? $200

4- Name all four songs that are playing on my wedding website. Teardrop by Massive Attack, Waiting Line by Zero 7, Lay Lady Lay by Magnet and Gemma, Destiny by Zero 7

5- How much do I charge for 4x6 wedding announcement photos if you purchase 400? $.55 each

6- What color of lipstick do I love? Bright red

7- What is the name of the FIRST baby shown in my babies gallery? (you have to be a blogstalker to know this one) Rockwell

8- How old is Violet? 4

9- After a baby, family, or individual portrait session how long are your images available online for ordering? 2 weeks

10- How much does Collection Two cost? $3800