My fam, by my fave.

My family as seen and photographed by the amazingly talented Duston Todd.

This guy is SO talented. I mean TRULY TRULY talented. In this digital age of photography, I think there is less and less TRUE talent out there. Don't get me wrong, I think there are a TON of good photographers out there. But only a few have some intangible element to their photography that makes you think "Wow, amazing!" I think Duston Todd is one of the few TRUE talents out there. An artist.

His vision, the way he shoots and sees things just blows me away. He shoots all film and is SO careful, precise, and thoughtful when he shoots. He took about 50 pictures of my family. And all 50 were DIFFERENT. That alone says something about the caliber of his work.

I heart these pictures so much.

Thank you Duston!

My fave:

I get to kiss this hot man everyday. Hummina!!