Tara and Jeremy.

Tara and Jeremy decided that they wanted to bring their "babies" to their engagement shoot. And let me say, that they have two ADORABLE "babies":) I'm such a fan of French Bulldogs. No dog is more adorable than a frenchie. And what is the deal with pugs?? Why do they turn their heads and look at you all weird-like when you talk to them. It seriously makes me laugh so hard. They look so confused...like they are trying to figure out what you are saying.

I had fun howling like a dog, whistling, clicking my tongue, and dancing around like a fool trying to get the doggies to look at me.

It almost reminded me of a family shoot with little kids. Not that children should be compared to dogs....but me dancing around like a fool and making a complete idiot of myself...well that is a regular occurrence on family shoots.