One man's junk.... another girl's treasure.

Okay, so I KNOW it needs some work, but the shape and uniqueness of this piece of furniture is amazing. It's going in the studio:) And will be used for shoots.

The best thing about this killer piece of furniture is that it was free. This guy had it by his garbage dumpster getting ready to haul it off. I called and asked him if I could have it. And he said "Yes, take it."

My husband wasn't too thrilled about me adding ANOTHER piece of weird furniture to our garage (I have 4 chairs, 2 couches, 1 antique ladder and 3 ottomans). We can't even park our car in there because it is full of my junk.

SOOO now I'm going to be sanding and repainting the wood part of the furniture. And then I need to figure out a way to clean the hot pink velvet. Any suggestions?? I don't want to reupholster it because I am SO in love with the hot pink!!