Greg and Renee.

So I shot this amazing wedding with Kate. We flew out to California and shot for three days straight. It was a TON of work, but it was SO much fun at the same time because me and Kate....well, we just have SOOOO much fun together. We rented a convertible bug and had a complete blast. Things I LOVE about Kate are: she is so extremely generous, she curses worse than any sailor, white-trash man, or thuggin' gangsta I have ever met, she's absolutely hilarious, she truly is interested in people and loves to listen to them, and I love that she is my friend. We make an AWESOME team and I love shooting with her.
Anyhooo..back to the wedding. It was SOOO amazingly beautiful. I would have loved to post more, but I think I would just get too carried away. The details were amazing, and the people were so fun. What a great wedding!! I just love it when people go all out on their weddings!

These were taken the day before the wedding.....

Wedding day....(I was in charge of all the groomsmen shots)

But I managed to snag one of the gorgeous bride.....
Um, this probably isn't funny to you unless you were there, but look at the two guys in the background. They were doing the ROBOT and being such nerds. It was hysterical!

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