Big Reveal. My new office/studio space.

It all started with my new computer. When I made the switch from a PC to a Mac, my FAVORITE thing about the new computer was how beautiful it LOOKED.  Never mind it functioned well and made my working life SO much easier.  That darn computer was so pretty that it needed a pretty office to sit in.

So I got a lovely new desk and chair.

Once I sat in my new office chair, with leather as soft and creamy as butter, and worked at my new ORGANIZED desk, I felt so happy and more peaceful being in this pretty new environment.  But the space was BIG, and it had tended to collect unused junk from the rest of our house.  It was terribly unorganized and didn't function well. At this point, I had an epiphany.  "I am a visual person.  I love all things beautiful.  Why shouldn't the place where I work and live be beautiful?"

So I set to work to make MY SPACE beautiful.  A place I would love.  A place I could look at, be in, and feel inspired.

After my first basic pieces were added to my space (desk, chair, computer) I knew my hideous unorganized book shelves had to go.  Instead of buying new shelves, I opted to save some money and spiffy up my old shelves.  I literally threw away GARBAGE bags full of papers, junk, magazines, boxes, office yuck, that had been collecting dust on my shelves for years.  Once they were cleaned I organized all of my necessary working items into gorgeous linen boxes.  All of my beloved magazines, client contracts, paper work, office supplies, etc were placed into these boxes. The old shelves now look beautiful and bring me peace of mind.  I no longer have to look at an overwhelming heap of papers and junk.  Everything is in its place, labeled, and easy to access.

Next I purchased a buffet/hutch to store my photography gear in.  This keeps it hidden, yet accessible. Above the hutch I added a custom made pin board (made by yours truly) and added some of my favorite photos to it.  And yes, you will see that I have also pinned up thank-you cards from previous clients.  If you are a previous client, and sent me a hand written thank-you card, I will save it forever.  That is how much they mean to me.

Since the room was so large and skinny, I felt it needed to be broken up a bit.  I added the writing desk to my work area.  This serves as a place for my kids to play ipad or work on artwork near me while I am working.  I'd like to say they quietly stay seated at their special desk.  But usually they end up on my lap "helping" me work.

After my corner of the studio was completed with my go-to work items I added some finishing touches of artwork, accessories, and photographs that all inspire me. And don't forget my lavender and neroli essential oil I keep nearby.  Smelling that pleasant oil relaxes me while I work.

In the middle of the studio space, there was a long area that really didn't function for shooting or working.  It was the in-between-space that really had nothing going on. It needed something.  I found a fabulous grey tufted velvet couch at a local furniture store, and knew it belonged in this spot.  It now serves as a place for clients to sit and relax during their photo session.  I may or may not have fallen asleep on this couch when my eyes could no longer handle staring at my computer screen (editing).

The hair-on-hide zebra chair is one of my all-time favorite pieces I own.  It used to be in our family room.  But we opted for a more comfortable chair in that area, so the little zebra beauty came to my office to further spice things up.

My white spool chair was then added.  This is where my husband will sit and talk to the back of my head while I work. That sounds terrible doesn't it?  I love you Devan, I am listening to you even if my eyes are looking at the computer.

Once the staple pieces of the entire studio/workspace were installed I finished accessorizing with some great rugs, PILLOWS (my fave), and additional photographs.

The sweet little quatrefoil ottoman was just added yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I am in love with it.

My new space makes my heart so happy.  Coming in to work feels like I am stepping into a little piece of heaven.



desk, zebra chair, office chair: Evans Gatehouse
ottoman, spool chair: Alice Lane
writing desk, grey couch: Downeast Home
buffet: RC Willey
linen boxes: Ikea
artwork: Pier one
accessories: Hobby lobby
lambskin rug: Costco
desk lamp: Ballard Designs
photographs: Rebekah Westover, Duston Todd
yellow chair: estate sale find
vintage camera: estate sale find
pillows: Evans Gatehouse, Alice Lane