Outfits that make sense. Engagement photo tips.

Your engagement session is coming up and you nervously ransack your closet in hopes to find that PERFECT outfit!  Well, picking out an outfit for your photo session is not as hard as you think!!

The most important thing I can tell you is....your outfit has to MAKE SENSE.

Q: "What do you mean, 'make sense?'"

A: Outfits that make sense, fit the shooting environment.

Once your location has been picked for your photoshoot, ask yourself "What would I normally wear in this environment?"

 You might want to dress your outfit up a little bit...because if your like me, you live in black yoga pants.  And we all know how cute black yoga pants are:) Sarcastic Font!

So yoga pants aside, its OKAY to dress casual/or semi-casual for your engagement photos if we are going to a casual location (farm, field, forest, beach).

If you want to dress up for your session, then be sure to let me know that you want a more formal location. P.S "Dressing-up" means different things to different people.  To me, dressing up is high-heels, dresses, jewelry, bold makeup, men in dark colored suits, etc.

I will let these photos do the talking.  Look how perfect these outfits fit the shoot location: