Skipping Christmas. 2011

Did you not get a Christmas card from me this holiday season? Well don't worry, I didn't forget about you. This year we decided to skip Christmas. Or rather CELEBRATE Christmas Westover Style.

The whole clan....and I mean THE WHOLE CLAN....celebrated Christmas in Cancun, Mexico.

We didn't send out Christmas cards, didn't frantically shop for presents, didn't put up Christmas lights, or a tree. We didn't go to 8 million Christmas parties. Didn't eat loads of junk food. Didn't gain 10 lbs. And guess what??? I LOVED IT!!!!

I called it Christmas Detox. Ha! We took a break from all the commercial Christmas madness and nestled down on the beach with our sweet family and enjoyed the best gift ever....our two beautiful children!

I think I'm going to "skip Christmas" more often......