My extreme home makeover.

I've been dreaming about redecorating my house for a couple of years now. After saving my pennies, PINNING, perusing decorating blogs, shopping, and driving my husband redecorating project is ALMOST done. Here is a little snippet of some of the lovely details.....

After working extensively on this project for the last few months, I frequently find myself pondering these questions....

Why do husbands NOT LOVE home redecoration projects?

Why is it SO fun to buy furniture?

Why are throw pillows the best thing on the planet?

Why does my husband want to burn all my throw pillows?

Why do I want to redecorate my house every 7 years?

What is the purpose of a couch that is SO beautiful that I don't allow anyone to sit on it?

There really are NO answer to these questions.

P.S. Will post more photos when project is complete!!