Mother's day.

At Miss Anne's Preschool, Violet was asked to share a little bit about HER mom (aka. ME!) Her answers were written down.

"About My Mom"

How old? 18

How tall? 10 ft.

Weight? 10 lbs.

Dress size? 22

How many brothers and sisters? 1 brother and 2 sisters

Where was she born? Hospital

Favorite food? Healthy stuff. Salads.

Favorite TV show? Batman!! Bad shows, and good shows.

Favorite thing to do? Push me in the tire swing, sleep, play

Best Friend? Megan and Heather

List a talent? Painting, reading books, and dancing!!

Love, Violet

Mother's Day is to celebrate our moms. But for me, this year I celebrated my children....who have made me a mother. And have blessed my life more than I can say.