Katie and Mike (and what I think about winter shoots...)

Ok, I'll admit. I do NOT love winter. My skin and soul LIVE for sunshine. I was meant to live in Hawaii...or Tahiti....or Fiji. But I don't. I live in Utah...."The Greatest Snow on Earth." Land of snow and ice. Dark at 4:30. Stuck inside for 6 months of the year (or at least it FEELS like that long)

So as I gear up for winter shoots (black moon boots, huge puffer coat, scarf, gloves, hat, thick socks) I always get a little worried...."Are we going to freeze to death?? Will my bride start to cry because she is cold??" "Will my camera stop working?" "Will my fingers stop working?" "My gosh, are these photos going to turn out?

All of my doubts melt away as I find that my brides are "hardcore" and always tough it out. They are not pansies. They will freeze in the name of good photos!!!

My trustee Nikon has not failed me yet in the cold!!! And I still have all my fingers and toes (despite frostbite) Okay, I have not had frostbite........but my fingers and toes HAVE been really cold a time or two

And in regards to how the photos turn out...... well I will be the first to admit it's ALL worth it!!!

Winter photos are truly the most BEAUTIFUL!!