Model Search.

LatterDayBride is currently searching for new faces for our upcoming
photo shoots! If you are interested in modeling our beautiful gowns,
send us the following information.

Send an email to and please include all of
the following:

Email 3-5 photos of yourself
- At least one of the photos needs to be a current head shot with
no makeup and your hair left down naturally.
- At least one of the photos needs to be a full body shot.
In the email include the following:
- Contact information
- Name
- Address
- Phone number
- Email address
- Height
- Measurements (Bust, waist & hips)
- General dress size
- Natural Hair color
- Past experience

You may also mail a packet with all the information listed above to:

ATTN: LDB Model Search
178 Sound Rio Grande Street Suite 150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

We will be doing all of our photo shoots at the end of this summer. If
we are interested in working with you, we will contact you by July 15th.
Make sure the contact information you provide will be current then, if
not give us a call at the end of June to update your information. Thank
you for your interest in LatterDayBride!