Ryan. Mad Hatter part 2.

Ok, again I take NO credit whatsoever for the concept and styling of this shoot. It was ALL Amber Weimer's brilliant idea/talent.

But I wanted to test out the Contax, and Ry was at my house, and he looked cool in his Hatter duds, and he had the Contax, and the light was fading, and I had just bought a cool new red chair......and I couldn't resist making a few photos. So we drove down the road, and made these photos in about 30 minutes.

p.s. With the exception of the b/w photo and a few levels and curves adjustments....NONE of these photos were artsified in photoshop. Doesn't it blow your mind??

p.p.s. I bought a Contax this week. Oh my heavens...I'm losing my mind with excitement.

p.p.s. This was my first shoot with a Contax....and half of the photos were out of focus. Hahahah!!