Lance + Brittney.

My little bro is getting married!!

Legend has it that....

-When I was 18 months old, and Lance was a newborn babe, I tried to poke his eyes out. Once such attempt was semi-successful as I gouged a huge chunk of eyeball out of the white part of his eye.

-Lance was slow to start talking and according to Grams "He has no need to talk. Becky says everything for him." I would guess this to be true.

-When I was 6 and Lance was 5, we planned on getting married to each other when we grew up. Lance was my best buddy. I thought best buddies should get married to each other....even if they were brother and sister.

-When I was 7 and Lance was 6, he got a new pair of black athletic shoes with velcro (instead of shoe laces). We thought these shoes made him run faster. I would sit in the back yard and watch in amazement as Lance ran the fastest laps my eyes had ever seen.

-Even though we were best buddies, we would still fight. I could beat up Lance until I was about 12. Then he got stronger than me. But at that point we didn't fist fight anymore.

-One time Lance and I opened up our own "toy rental" business. We were in business for one day and made $.05 cents. It didn't work out quite as we planned.

-Lance was the coolest little brother on the planet. All my girlfriends did not enjoy their little brothers. This blew my mind. How on earth could you not adore your little bro??

-One time the neighborhood bully was picking on our little sister Angie. Me and Lance teamed up and beat up the bully together. It was great.

Lance is so dear to my heart. He was one of my best friends growing up. We could tell each other anything. Laugh about anything. Kindred spirits.