Megs Style Shoot.

This is what Megs can do for you...

This entire shoot was styled by Megs. When we collaborated on what to do for the shoot I gave Megs only ONE bit of info to style the shoot around....and that was the location. I told her "drab yellow fields, trees, old barn" and then she put together the amazing ensembles you see above.

Seriously, go look at the pictures again JUST to look at the clothes and the attention to detail Megs puts into wardrobe styling. From head to toe Kyle and Hilary look amazing. From their shoes to their scarves, no detail is missed.

Megs shared some of her "secrets" of styling with me and they are so simple yet brilliant.

Clothing makes SUCH a huge difference in the final outcome of a photoshoot. I would highly recommend hiring Megs for your shoot!

A little styling goes a LONG way.....

For Megs contact info you can contact ME at
Services range from $75-$150

And as a side note...Thanks to Kyle and Hilary for modeling and freezing your bums off. And of course thanks to Megs for sharing your talents with me!!