Jake Garn Photography Workshop.

It was SUCH a fun time at The Jake Garn Photography Workshop. I met some amazing photographers who were just FABULOUS, and I also got to hang out with some of my good friends (Ryan, Angie, and Vanessa).

The models were INCREDIBLE. The hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling were INSANE. TOTALLY top notch. Each photographer got to spend 30 minutes shooting each model, and then the models would get TOTALLY redone from the styling team so that all the photographers photos didn't look the same after the workshop.

Jake's instruction was very helpful and surprisingly the lighting setups were NOT complicated. We learned a good deal about posing, different lights, different light setups, and also photoshop retouching. My FAVE thing was learning how to retouch skin so it still looks like skin....ie. it still retains it's texture and looks realistic. Not super smoothed out and waxy!

Some things I'm going to implement into my own setup after this workshop.....

1- I am painting the shooting part of my studio black. Oh yes, I am really going to do this to reduce bouncing light!!

2- Invest in at least one more GOOD studio light

3- Get some grids for my lights

4- I need some booms. Plain and simple as that.