Woo woo! It's so exciting when your work gets published in print!!!

Josh and Mallory's Wedding:

LaVon and Dan's wedding:

Some florals shot from various different weddings:

A picture of Jacque and Logan:

Cover photo by me:) Shooting for Latter Day Bride is SERIOUSLY SO FUN!! Pretty much the best job EVER!

Model Mikelle:

Mikelle and her hubby:

One from Evelyn's funky bridal session:

The fabulous Kate:

Some catalog work:

Michelle and Blake:


Sarah and Daniel:

Oooh, my favorite tree shot EVER of Mal and Josh:

Megs and Tanner's wedding:

Annie and Jon:

Model Emily:

My ad:

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You can pick up a copy of Utah Bride and Groom HERE

A HUGE thanks to Jen, Nicole, and Tessa for publishing my work. It makes my heart happy!