Violet. Age 4.

Little Violet, you are 4 years old and growing up too fast. The other day I asked you "Why do you talk so much?" and you said "Because I love you and Jesus made me that way."

My friend called the other day and you answered the phone. The voice on the line said "Hello, is your mommy there?" And you screamed...."BBBBEEEEEECCCKKKKKKKKYYYYY!!" Yes, you call me Becky. You never call me mom.

Once you asked me "Would you like me to call you Becky or Rebekah?" I said "I would like you to call me Mom." But you still call me Becky.

When I put your hair in a bun you call it a "bop-she-bop."

When I change the baby's diaper you always say "LET ME SEE THE POOP!"

You like to dress up the dog in your clothes.

You want a "REAL RED FISH for Christmas. Not a fake one. A real one."

Auntie Tara is your favorite and when you get mad at me you say "You are not my favorite mom anymore. Tara is my favorite mom."

You love the color pink. And you don't like to color purple. Sorry I named you 'Violet'.

You are my little beauty. My girl. And I love you.

photos taken for Violet's 4th birthday.