Snippets from Christmas Eve.

After we came home from the big family party, my little family snuggled up in bed to read one of my all time favorite books "The Polar Express." Growing up, my dad would read this to us every Christmas Eve. Now that I'm older I cry almost every time I read the book. I don't know why. It just fills me with memories of love, family, and Christmas magic.

Now my little Violet and Rockwell can grow up enjoying the book every Christmas Eve too.

As we lay snuggled on Violet's bed (yes, even Rockwell was awake at 10:00) I had a moment of overwhelming love and gratitude. My family, my precious little family, means more to me than anything in the world. I was so happy and grateful for the small but meaningful moment. I ran and grabbed my camera. Rock was in my arms and I snapped the photo of Devan and Violet.

My life is blessed. God is good.