Christmas wish list.

I normally try to keep my blog dedicated solely to photography....but sometimes I see something so fabulous that I just have to post about it.

I know what I want for Christmas more than anything. A Snuggie!!

Please know that I am kidding. I saw the commercial today for the first time and laughed so hard. At first I thought it was a joke. Did they REALLY just show a family sitting around a campfire wearing snuggies doing "raise the roof"? Did they REALLY just show a dog reading a newspaper wearing a Snuggie? Did they just show two people at a MOVIE THEATER wearing a set of Snuggies? And come on, did they REALLY just show an entire extended family wearing Snuggies doing the stadium WAVE?

Hysterical. Purely Hysterical.

Please, if you like the Snuggie, don't be offended by my post. I just found the commercial to be outrageously hilarious. It almost seemed like an SNL skit.

But in all seriousness, here are a few things on my Christmas wish list:

A good BOOK

Some fab JEWELRY

Some knock off designer JEANS

A fancy camera BAG

Some amazing CHOCOLATE

A gift card or two

And a happy light from COSTCO

What do you want for Christmas? Don't deny it, I know you want a Snuggie.