MY belly shots.

Okay, if you didn't know I was pregnant, don't feel bad. I haven't exactly been very forthcoming with my pregnancy here on the blog. I've kept it on the down low for as long as possible, but is time to let the secret out, and share my belly shots with you all.

So YES, I am due soon. YAY!

YES, it is a boy!

YES, the baby is thoroughly lodged in my rib cage. Ouch!

YES, I feel huge. Though strangely enough, I don't THINK I look huge in these photos.

NO, shooting isn't hard for me at this point. I'm quite the agile pregnant woman!

YES, sitting at a computer and editing all day IS hard for me. Freakin' back pain galore!

NO, I can't sleep at nights.

YES, I pee 15+ times a day.

And YES, Tums are my best friend right now.

It's quite an experience being pregnant. A small miracle actually. Every time I feel the baby move around in my stomach I just have to stop and rub my belly and smile. It really is amazing. Don't get me wrong pregnancy DOES have it's down side....heartburn, weight gain, sleepless nights, rib cage pain, etc....but seriously I feel SO blessed to be able to hold this precious baby inside me. My little baby boy whom I can't wait to meet!

I want to extend my thanks to everyone who has helped me with weddings during my pregnancy. You know who you are!! Carrying all my bags is tiring to say the least. All the volunteers who came to weddings with me and hauled all my gear around...THANK YOU! Aside from volunteers who came to weddings with me, I can't even tell you how many times I'd be loading up at the end of a wedding and strangers would just come up to me and start helping my load my gear in the car.

Every time a client wants furniture at a shoot, my sweet husband loads it all up, and my fabulous clients unload it at the shoot. Thank you!!

And I just have to say to my sweet hubby who ALWAYS tells me I look good, rubs my feet, pushes the baby out of my rib cage, takes Violet in the mornings so I can sleep in, hugs on my big belly, loves me, takes care of me, and is the best dad and husband in the world....THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

These photos made last week by the incomparable Kate Benson. Edited by me. It was a collaboration of sorts, and I love the results....a huge thanks to my dear friend Kate!!

October 10th is my last day of shooting for 2009.