Mexico. 2008.

Playacar, Mexico 2008. 2 weeks of pure heaven!!

Boo hoo, were home to freezing cold weather. Snow. I already want to go back.

Here are some stats:

Days spent in Mexico: 12

Number of calories consumed every day: approx. 4,000. Maybe more.

Number of frozen drinks consumed daily: 5

Hours of sleep every night: 9-10

Hours spent on the beach every day: 7

Number of drowning people we saved: 2

Topless women on the beach: 50? I lost count after that.

Number of books read: 2. Over 1000 pages.

Fits Violet threw: At least one a day. So 12.

Number of pictures taken: Around 200

Number of times I ate potatoes and chorizo, and flan: At least once a day. So 12. Yummy!!!

Stingray's seen while snorkeling: 3

Swimsuits I brought with me: 10

Swimsuits Devan brought: 2

Average temp in Mexico: 85 degrees

Pounds I gained: 2

Number of sandcastles we built: 5

Emails, voicemails, and other random stuff awaiting me when I got home: approx. 50 emails to respond to, voicemails 13, instaproofs orders to fulfill 11, weddings to edit 2, albums to design 6.

Other details of our trip. We did absolutely nothing the entire time. Bliss. Pure heaven I tell ya. We got up, ate breakfast, went to the beach. Ate lunch. Went back to the beach. Ate dinner then went into Playa del Carmen for shopping, or just watched movies in our room.

One day we went to see the Ruins at Tulum. But other than that, just pure relaxation on the beach.

Violet's favorite part of the trip was playing on the elevators at the resort, riding in the golf carts, and using the key card to open our hotel room door. She didn't quite grasp the concept that we were in another country and kept asking to go to grandma's house, or go see cousin Ari.

I read one of the best books I've ever read in my life during the trip. The Memoirs of Cleopatra. If you like historical fiction, you MUST read this book. I also read The Vampire Lestat. Quite disturbing, but I always love a good read about vampires.

Anyhoo, I'm home. I'm not shooting for the rest of the month, but I will be editing and working on albums. And of course getting back to all the emails and voicemails this week.

Don't hate me for being this brown in the middle of December:) Sadly, it will fade in about 2 weeks): I'm already peeling.