Last night after watching TV with my husband for awhile, I decided to hit the sack early. I went to bed and started falling asleep immediately. 10 minutes later my husband comes running into the room and says "What was that noise? Did you drop something?"

I calmly replied "no." I was too tired to even be scared or care. I didn't hear any noises, and had no reason to be afraid.

I started falling back asleep.

About another 10 minutes passed and I started falling to sleep again. I was in that stage where you aren't really awake, but you aren't fully asleep either.

All of a sudden I hear a loud noise in my room. Like something fell off the dresser. I immediately bolted up and in the pitch black I thought I saw something or someone in my room.

I jumped out of bed faster than I've ever moved in my life and ran to the bedroom door, opened it and screamed "DEVAN!"

At this point I was in the dark hallway and saw a man with a flashlight. I felt fear I've never felt before, and screamed a bloodcurdling scream at which point the man with the flashlight came running towards me.

I began sobbing and freaking out and screaming, and of course cursing. And then laughing hysterically.


Here's the reality.

The noise my husband heard was the sprinkler system kicking on. The noise I "thought" I heard was most likely me dreaming as I was falling asleep. In my panic I thought I saw something in the dark.

When I ran into the hallway my husband was headed downstairs with my dog and a flashlight to investigate the noise. I couldn't tell it was him because he shined the light in my eyes. And when I freaked out he came running towards me to show me it was him.

Seriously, it makes me laugh so hard when I think about it all. But it also makes me think how horrifying it would be if someone really broke into my house. That feeling I felt, well, I've never felt anything like it. It was pure horror and fear. The kind that paralyzes you! Glad it wasn't really an intruder. And pretty sure I did all the wrong things (that dumb girls in horror movies do). The only thing I didn't do was trip when I was trying to get away from the murderer.

Anyways, that's my story for the week:)