Stacia and Sam Wedding!

Ceremony: Mt. Timpanogos Temple
Reception: Somewhere Inn Time
Dress: Abella Bridal
Flowers: Planted Earth

Sta is my sister-in-law and also such a great friend. She's been my roommate, my nurse, my skiing buddy, my hot-tubbing pal, and so many other things. She's always "on call" whenever I have medical questions, need help with Violet, or need Sienna's (my dog) stitches cut out. I love her and I am so happy that she found Sam who is such a great guy and makes her SO happy.

They are perfect together.

The hero Ciara. She set up Sam and Stacia:

Sorry Kade, I couldn't resist putting this on the blog:)

When this guy went through the receiving line he asked Sam "Who is better? The Hulk or Superman?" Sam said "The hulk." And then all of a sudden this guy ripped his shirt open. Busted off his buttons and everything. It was hysterical and totally unexpected. I guess he thinks Superman is better.