I'm back!

It was good. No, it was GREAT! That's all I can say about my fabulous week off. I spent the week going to the pool, camping, boating, reading, eating homemade ice cream, getting a tan, drinking spinach smoothies, going for walks, bike rides, taking naps, sleeping in, watching movies, riding 4 wheelers, going fishing, hanging with family....

Basically every activity that I LOVE about summer I crammed into one week. It was great. I feel refreshed!!

Now, since I took a week off, let me tell you I have LOADS, I mean LOADS of shoots to post. So check back every day. Because I will be posting some good stuff!

Here is a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. Niki and Ryan. Ryan is a commercial pilot and we spent a good deal of the shoot discussing my fear of flying. Ryan assured me that flying is safe. He also went into the specifics of WHY it is safe.

I felt a WEE bit better about flying after talking to him.