Erin. Supermodel extraordinaire.

Erin, congratulations, you are still in the running to become America's Next Top Model.

LOL! Inside joke.

Besides being such a fabulously fun and beautiful person, Erin ALSO loves America's Next Top Model. Which makes me love her even more.

I DON'T watch T.V. much. I feel like I'm wasting time if I do. But when I DO watch TV the only two shows that I think are worth watching are LOST and the uber high quality, high talent, sophisticated, non-drama, touching, totally realistic, and totally divine America's Next Top Model.

Can you sense the sarcasm cuz I'm laying it on pretty thick. The show is pretty much the exact opposite of every word I used above to describe it.

But I still love it.

Thanks to my good friend Amanda Sharp for coming on this shoot AND taking this picture:) It's not everyday that I'm the SHORTEST one in the picture. Here's to tall women!! HOLLA!