MG Edge Maternity.

Okay, so it's finally here. Funky and fashionable maternity clothing in Utah Valley! Maternity clothing HAS taken a step up since back in the day, but we are still lacking some seriously cool places to shop for maternity clothes here in Utah. Well...not anymore now that MG Edge will be officially launching their killer new line of maternity clothing.

Side story....

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2005, my sister gave me a big bag of maternity clothes that she had saved for me (leftovers from her pregnancies). She was pregnant in the mid 90's.

Oh my gosh! I mean what can I say other than PURE HIDEOUSNESS! We've come A LONG way since gigantic tent shirts paired with our husband's jeans. Huge sweatshirts designed to COVER our beautiful bellies, and massive tent dresses that made even the tiniest pregnant lady look huge. My favorite outfit in the "bag-o-hand me downs" was the navy blue velvet STIRUP pants with a dainty little matching velvet shirt. AND MATCHING NAVY BLUE VELVET LOAFERS.

Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS. I love you sis. You are not to be blamed for the SAD maternity clothes that were available when you were pregnant.

End of side story.

MG Edge's website will be launching soon and they asked me to photograph all of their clothing for their online shopping feature.

Oh I'm SO in love with the clothes they have. The clothes have a little bit of a rocker edge, but they also offer a more classic line of clothing that seems to be inspired by the late Jackie Onassis.

Pregnancy is hot. Seriously. Pregnant ladies need hot clothes to show of how gorgeous they look when sporting their bellies.

P.S. For the record, my younger sister (in the first two pictures) is NOT pregnant. She was one of the hired models for the shoot and sported a fake belly.

I just wanted to dispel any rumors.