Lissa and Court wedding!

Oh take me back to Vegas where the weather is warm and beautiful. Where it ISN'T snowing on March 30th! Where the warm sun brings happiness to my heart and color to my skin. I have become pasty white in these last few dull, lightless, and cold months. I went to the tanning salon a couple of weeks ago. I definitely got some color, but the tanning beds always seem to bring out my freckles and FINE LINES that are starting to appear on my face. So I am faced with the choice between being unhealthily white OR being wrinkly, freckly and tan. I can't decide which to choose since neither are very good options.


After much anticipation and a missed flight, I made it out to Vegas to shoot Lissa and Court's awesome wedding. YES, I missed my flight. Luckily I always fly into my destination weddings the day before the wedding in case of unplanned things happening. And the missed flight was definitely unplanned. I was able to get on "stand-by" and I made it on the next flight headed for Vegas. I got there with plenty of time to make it out to our desert bridal shoot that we had planned.

I had a specific goal with Lissa and Court's wedding. And that was not only to capture THEM on their wedding day, but also capture their families, details, and moments that made their day so special.

It was a great wedding and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it.