The pillows of death.

So let me tell you about my black and white damask pillows....

The experience to get them has been insanely time consuming, and way more expensive than I intended.

The fabric was SO hard to find. Mainly because I had to order it online, and you can't REALLY tell what fabric looks like online. So you order it. And then you get it, and it's not what you want.

So you order more from somewhere else.

And you don't like it...

So you order more from somewhere else. And you don't like it....

So you order more. And the story goes on.

Let me tell you how much money and time I spent on these pillows. AT LEAST $200. And I emphasize "AT LEAST" (and shudder to think what the "AT MOST" figure might be). Time spent, oh...I'd say about 24 hours.

Why so much time???

Well let me tell you.

After I spent a small fortune on the fabric I decided to NOT hire someone to make them for me (which was the original plan...sorry Anne from Libby Lane, I'm a loser!) I couldn't stand the thought of spending any more money on the pillows I was starting to hate.

SO I got the brilliant idea....I CAN DO IT MYSELF! It can't be that hard to sew some squares together right?


I won't go into all the painful details of my SAD SAD attempt at sewing. But basically I spent an ENTIRE DAY sewing 3 pillows. Ha ha!! AND I had to order MORE fabric because I cut the fabric wrong the first time and didn't have enough to finish the third pillow.

So here they are, my bloody expensive, black and white damask pillows.

I love them and I hate them.