I'm back!

We're back after a long and restful cruise throughout the Mexican Riviera! Ahhhh, it was so amazing and SO needed for my family. Life gets crazy and hectic around here, so it was a fabulous way for us to disappear for awhile and just BREATHE! We brought Violet along and that was SO much fun. She loved playing at the beach and loved to run wild on the cruise ship. And everywhere she went she had "teddy" in tow. I swear, she is obsessed with that dang teddy bear. Some of my siblings came along, and brought their kids too, so it was an original family party.

Memorable highlights include:

-Wild donkey's running around at the beaches. Umm, okay, weird and gross. They kept begging for food, and trying to ummm, how should I say this....get the freak on with each other (if you know what I mean;)

-My brother asking every mexican tour guide "Donda esta la coca?" AKA "Where is the cocaine?" He thought this was hilarious. Actually, it kind of was. But the locals probably thought we were so lame.

-Getting ripped off ALL THE TIME! I swear Mexico IS NOT CHEAP! We got ripped off so much (ha ha!). Don't even ASK about the $100.00 tab for some shrimp tacos and a pina colada. It makes me laugh my head off to think back on it, but at the time it wasn't funny.

-Violet and Teddy

-"Man Overboard" on our cruise ship

-Eating massive, and disgusting amounts of food on the cruise ship. I swear, no human should ever eat as much as we ate. My jeans are SO stinkin' tight now. I've been wearing sweatpants all week.

-There were lots of fun things too!!! Laying at the beaches was my favorite. We also saw the Acapulco cliff divers which was amazing. We went snorkeling over this amazing ship wreck that has now grown into a coral reef and that was killer. We did some sight seeing, and even hit up the Farmacia. Good times!

Here's just a few shots I snagged from the vacation with my little point-and-shoot camera. I debated about bringing my nice gear, but I didn't want to worry about hauling it around.

Anyways, I'M BACK!!

Vio, Ari, and of course "Teddy."