Admired by Beckstead.

So I'm a little excited to announce that two of my photographs were chosen to be on world-reknowned photographer David Beckstead's special website called "Admired By Beckstead." David Beckstead is an AMAZING photographer and was recently named one of the top 10 photographers in the world by Popular Photography and Imaging Magazine. You can read the article here: LINK

His website ADMIRED BY BECKSTEAD is so cool because it is a collection of some very inspiring and amazing photography from all over the world.

So I feel really honored that one...David would even look at my stuff. And two...that he would feature it on his Admired by Beckstead site.

To see my pictures on his website go to
And then click on the Bride and Groom category. And there you will see these two images: Be sure to click on them and read what he has to say about them:)