Family Time! Photos by Davina Fear

I'm just so excited about these family pictures we got taken by one of my favorite photographers in Utah, Davina Fear. I knew I wanted some family pictures that reflected the true nature of my family. I didn't want the standard "look here and smile" pictures. Plus my little Violet is approaching a very beastly age where she wants it her way, or no way. So the thought of trying to get pictures of her looking sweet and pleasant, and smiling for the camera was a very stressful thought indeed. So I called Davina, an amazing photojournalist who takes pictures as they happen. She doesn't spend hours making sure your hands are placed just right, or your hair is perfectly in place. She encourages you to go out and do something fun with your family, and then captures your REAL family, as they really are. We went to a park, then to an ice cream shop, and then to the beach at Antelope Island. We had such a great time!! And Davina captured all of that for us. These pictures are SO precious to me. I love them so much!

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