The New Guest Book

The new guest book is here!! This guest book is an awesome way for your wedding guests to sign their names and leave you a little message on your wedding day all while looking at your awesome engagement photos! It's a totally unique and fun twist on a traditional guest book. Each page has one or more of your engagement pictures on it with ample white space for your guests to sign. These books are top quality too! Your images are printed on archival matte paper and then bound into an awesome 8x6 book. You can choose from a variety of colors for your cover, or even have one of your engagement pictures actually printed on the cover! The cost for this book is $300. This includes design time, printing and binding. HOWEVER if you order a book this week I will knock off $50. So you will get a killer guest book for only $250. Sale ends 4/15/07.
Check out some more pictures below: