New Stuff from WPPI

Check out my new camera!! It was a splurge at the WPPI conference in Vegas. I am so excited about this camera because of some awesome features that it has. The biggest one is that it can shoot at ISO 3200 with minimal noise. Now let me say that "noise" aka "grain" can be quite a beautiful thing in film, but in digital it just doesn't look that great. SOO I am way stoked about how smooth this camera's files are. AND the colors straight out of the camera a super snappy and vivid! I love that. AND it has an increased dynamic range giving the images a more "film like" look. It's awesome. It was worth every penny. In addition to my new camera I also got some great ideas from the WPPI tradeshow for some new products I will now be offering. Stay tuned to see pictures of the new guestbook albums, custom photo boxes, and designer matted albums I will soon be offering. You will love them!!