Sunday, March 11, 2007

Marc and Emily

Oh my! This shoot was SOO much fun. Marc and Emily are so fabulous! They really trust me and let me do my thing (which I appreciate so much). They are such fun people and I really enjoy myself when I'm around them. The first time we met we just clicked and I felt like we were old friends. During our shoot we just kind of walked around and talked and had fun. And then we'd stop every once in awhile and get some great shots. And what troopers. We shot for 2 hours (I'm forever grateful to you guys). My favorite is when I'd tell them to kiss and they would say "oh we are getting some scandalous shots." Hope Mom and Dad don't mind too much ;o) So anyways, check out a few of our scandalous shots. And our other ones too....

p.s. Thanks to Shannon of Lucky Red Hen for letting me borrow the ghetto RED chair.