Wow! This was sooo much fun. My friend Darla and I went to a "In The Click" model shoot. I LOVE going to these because they are a very relaxed atmosphere with lots of cool people and lots of beautiful models. This shoot was particularly fun because it posed a good challenge. I am not a studio photographer by any means, but I do own a couple of "ghetto" studio lights. I thought I better bring one of them just in case. I knew the venue would be dark and I had NO INTENTIONS of using on-camera flash. So I went with two goals...1) being to mess around and experiment with my one studio light, and 2) To shoot with fast glass and available light. Darla and I totally scouted out these cool locations in the building we were shooting in because we weren't crazy about the provided makeshift "studio" that was already set up (consisting of a white sheet and a couple of studio lights). Anyways, we found this tacky orange chair and this KILLER red wall and MAN did we have a blast. It's so fun to get outside of the box and do something different. I've worked with both of these models before and they are both SO incredibley gorgeous and it's impossible to take a bad picture of them. So pardon that there are like 20 pictures posted here. But I just couldn't resist. I'm totally in love with the look and feel of these pictures. I especially love them because they forced me to get out of my "comfort zone." NOW....I WOULD LOVE TO DO A BRIDAL SESSION LIKE THIS! Please, if you are daring and want some cool, edgey bridals...LET'S DO THIS! How freakin' cool would that be?!

I kept telling the Stephanie (the model) to "look towards the light" and Darla would remind them "but don't go towards it." Hehehe!

This one was shot with available light. ISO 1600, 1/50th at 1.8. Yeah!! She's so freakin' gorgeous!

Available light on this one....